What Artificial Grass Colors Are Available?

Most people want artificial grass that looks like real grass, except without all the expenses and maintenance. As a result, most artificial grass is some shade of green.

However, you don’t need to choose green. Instead, did you know you can get premium grass in a wide variety of colors?

Below are some of the less-commonly known colors of artificial grass.

What Artificial Grass Colors Are Available


White grass tends to be used for sports such as golf. It can create clear boundaries and will keep its bright color throughout the year. One of the benefits of white grass is that it is reflective and can thus brighten up a small area.


Red turf is great for schools that want to use their colors on the field. It’s easy to add to end zones, and even easier to maintain. That means that the next time it’s game day, you won’t have to worry about how the grass looks.


Black is a popular color for artificial grass because it goes well with everything. From competitive sports to modern home designs, you can’t go wrong with this turf.


Yellow is sure to brighten up your field. If your athletes are struggling to keep up their energy during practice, invest in some yellow turf.


Blue is another popular color for schools. When the cameras roll on game day, you’ll want to make your university stand out in the best ways. Adding turf with your school’s colors is a great way to draw the attention to your brand.


If you’ve never seen pink turf, you’re missing out. This color grass is perfect to add fun and energy to any area. Add it to your training fields or use it promote breast cancer awareness.


Some people scoff at the idea of brown artificial grass. However, this turf is much closer to a warm syrup color than dead grass. The color will bring a toned-down natural feel to the field.


Orange isn’t just for Halloween. It’s also great for training and game day fields. The bright color will give your audience a better view of their favorite athletes playing below.

Artificial Grass Solutions

Artificial grass opens up the doors to dozens of unique opportunities in design and performance.

With many distinct colors and even more shades of green, you can get exactly the look you want. Above that, once you install your grass, you won’t have to worry about high water or maintenance bills to keep it alive and looking good.

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