Artificial Grass in Nevada

The hot desert sun can take a toll on your Nevada lawn, but if you invest in artificial grass, your worries are gone … along with your astronomical water bill. Join the home and business owners at the forefront of green technology (literally, green!), and get the beautiful lawn you deserve that will make your neighbors green with envy!

Online Artificial Grass makes it easy for you to shop turf options and order your new grass from the comfort of your home. We deliver artificial grass throughout the state of Nevada for you to enjoy every day of the year.

Get a High Quality, Long-Lasting Lawn in Nevada with Synthetic Turf

At Online Artificial Grass, we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality, longest-lasting artificial grass available. You could spend thousands on watering and fertilization every year, or you could invest in one artificial grass order and get manufacturer coverage for eight straight years. You don’t have to worry about damage or wear — you’re covered!

When you compare the products we carry with the competition, you’ll see how we’re different. We don’t believe it’s right to convince you to spend your hard-earned money on artificial grass that degrades quickly and doesn’t live up to expectations. Online Artificial Grass is a transparent, honest company that follows through on product promises!

artificial grass in Nevada

We’re Focused on Innovation

The products we carry are made by Synthetic Turf International, and they beat out all competitors on the market. This turf doesn’t harbor bacteria or retain odors. It’s made from recyclable components and it’s ADA friendly, making it the ideal choice for business owners.

By depending on technological products designed to make your life easier, you’re freeing up time in your day. We want to make it possible for you to unchain yourself from your lawnmower and your water bill.

Artificial Grass From Las Vegas to Reno and Beyond

As a large-scale supplier of artificial grass, we can deliver your order anywhere in Nevada. This means you don’t have to pay a lot to get the best artificial turf. You can take advantage of our reasonable prices and still receive the best product out there. Our artificial grass lawns, playground surfaces and pet-friendly yards are designed to stand the test of time and everyday use.

It Will Be Hard to Believe the Transformation

While you may get over your amazement at our long warranty offerings and affordable prices, you will wake up every day in awe of your beautiful lawn. The before-and-after looks are amazing. Use Online Artificial Grass and get a redesigned, redone green lawn at your home or business in Nevada!