Artificial Grass in Florida

Floridians, you don’t have to settle for browning, drying grass that’s nearly impossible to revive. The Florida sun can be brutal, but we have a solution: artificial turf. Online Artificial Grass supplies the highest-quality turf for home and business owners throughout the country, all of Florida included. From Tallahassee to Tampa, we can ship your turf order directly to your door so you are no longer burdened by the pressure of keeping your natural lawn alive.

Mowing? No longer necessary. Fertilization? Nope. Watering? Nada! There will be no need to do any of these tasks any longer. It’s a relief, it’s a time-saver and it’s a wallet-preserver. You can reduce your lawn-care budget to zero and add countless additional free hours into your weekend.

Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Miami Playgrounds, Pet Yards & Front Lawns

When you just factor in convenience, artificial turf wins. But think about the other reasons this product is ideal. You can get artificial turf for your Georgia home or business that’s specifically constructed to meet your needs. For instance, you can find a soft playground product that will provide the cushion your kids need to play safely. It’s much softer than any natural grass surface you could create.

Also, you can find turf specifically designed for pets. With a drainage system that quickly removes fluids and a surface designed to catch waste but not harbor bacteria, it’s the perfect fit for your back yard.

artificial grass in Florida

Our Artificial Grass Warranty Shows We Care in Florida

Our Synthetic Turf International manufacturing partner offers an eight-year warranty on most products — much longer than the average competitor. And that’s why Online Artificial Grass is your ideal choice when searching for a supplier for artificial turf. You get the confidence that comes with knowing your grass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, or losing its luscious looks or flawless function.

From Pensacola to the Keys

We deliver high-quality turf everywhere in Florida, north to south! You can order online and your new lawn will arrive at your doorstep quickly.

You don’t need a membership to hit the putting green — you can get the Florida golf experience right in your own back yard. It’s one of the top reasons our Florida customers call us. Once you compare the costs of installing a high-quality putting green using our products versus spending money on a daily visit to the local country club, you’ll see why artificial grass is the best option!

As much as our putting green products are a huge draw, you don’t need golf practice as an excuse to get the green lawn you deserve. At Online Artificial Grass, we’re ready to ship your new lawn to you right now — you just need to choose which product will fit with your landscape design, and we can help you find it! Call us today if you have questions about which product is right for you.