Artificial Grass in Alabama

Alabama’s hot sun is no match for the lush green lawn you get from Online Artificial Grass. From putting greens to sports fields, our artificial turf beats the durability, functionality and beauty of every other product on the market. With a chemical and lead-free formula that uses recyclable components, Synthetic Turf International crafts high-quality artificial grass we are proud to supply to our customers in Birmingham and throughout Alabama.

Ready to renovate your lawn? This is the modern way to go! No more sweat. No more weekends wasted. It’s time to make the switch!

Say No to Mowing in Alabama with Synthetic Turf!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by how fast your grass grows — when it does finally grow — you’ll be happy to know that soon your days of mowing will be over. Your vast Alabama yard can be maintenance-free. We know it sounds hard to believe, but our turf lawns are no-nonsense, no-fuss and most importantly, no-maintenance!

Instead of spending your weekend at the lawn-care store and out in the hot sun putting down treatment after treatment, get a lawn that’s perfect in every season, through every storm. You need artificial turf!

artificial grass in Alabama

Get Artificial Grass for 365-Day Green!

Once you make the switch to artificial, you will be thankful. As your neighbors’ lawns wither and die in the winter cold or the heat of summer, yours will stay green, attractive and inviting. When they’re outside mowing hour after hour and you’re relaxing in the shade with a cool drink, you’ll get the last laugh!

At Online Artificial Grass, we’re always interested in products that will make your life easier and better. We have the latest in artificial turf technology from Synthetic Turf International — grass that feels softer than a blanket and fast-draining turf that removes moisture in seconds.

Your Green Mobile Paradise Awaits

Whether you live in Mobile or Montgomery, you can place your online order and we supply you with your new grass. We have the capability to deliver far and wide, throughout all of Alabama. There is no reason you too can’t have a green paradise in your back yard. It starts with shopping online or calling our team!

Delivery Available for all of Alabama, from Birmingham to Gulf Shores

You’ll barely be able to tell the difference in feel, but you’ll see a dramatic change in looks and function. That’s what we see and hear from our customers. It’s incredible how convenient and gorgeous artificial turf is. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I make the switch sooner?”

Trust Online Artificial Grass, your online supplier of all artificial turf products, and get the best and only the best — place your order today!