6 Items You No Longer Have to Buy After Artificial Turf Installation

Getting artificial turf installation means your weekends and evenings are spent relaxing instead of mowing, fertilizing and watering your landscaping.

But artificial turf installation doesn’t just save time, it saves money too.

artificial turf installation saves you money

Here are six potential areas you can save money after you’ve gotten artificial turf installation:

1. Lawnmowing Supplies

Besides the purchase of your actual lawnmower, which was likely pricey, think about all the money you have spent maintaining it. From repairs to fuel, it adds up.

2. Edger Wire

Your edger goes through trimming wire fast, and those spools aren’t cheap to replace. Over the course of a year, the maintenance and supply costs for your edger may rival that of your lawnmower if you have a lot of ground to cover!

3. Sprinklers and Hoses

Whether you have an irrigation system or just a bunch of sprinklers, watering the lawn is a must in a hot climate if you don’t want your grass as brown as the dirt beneath it. But this equipment can break down, and it eventually needs replacing. Your water bill costs you even more.

Overall, you’re saving a ton on your lawn with an artificial turf installation.

4. Grass Fertilizer and Seed

A fertilizer and seeding product will fill in the bare areas where winter took its toll on your otherwise full lawn. The only problem? You have to apply it much more frequently than you might like, and the costs rise quickly, even on a small lawn.

Just one bag of high-quality seed is a big-ticket item, but then you must consider the cost of the fertilizer for it as well.

5. Weed Control

Keeping weeds away is critical to your lawn’s beauty, and when dealing with natural grass, the only known effective solution is to spread weed killer. You could go around and pluck every weed by hand, but you’d be there a while, and they’d just grow back.

After an artificial turf installation, the weed control barrier takes care of this job for you!

6. Allergy Medicine

Finally, think about how taxing all these lawn products are to your body. You sniffle, sneeze, cough and wheeze every time you fertilize or mow. Are you spending a fortune on allergy medicine? Get rid of the main source of your allergies and replace your lawn with a synthetic product. Soon you’ll be saving at the pharmacy too!

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